WINTER 2005-2006

These two pages WILL take some time to load, have patience and you will be rewarded. . . I hope :-)


CH Stars 'n' Stripes Song Hio
sbi b21, chocolatetabbypoint (female)


Katie Kandy Stripes Song Hio
Sbi c21, lilactabbypoint female
(Daughter of Stars 'n' Stripes and Umberto du Mas d'Orphée)


S*Raus Höjden's Creme Caramel (10 months old male)


Nights in Nirvana Song Hio
Sbi n21, sealtabbypoint young female.


Sbi a, bluepoint female



S*Raus Höjden's Viol
sbi a21, bluetabbypoint youngster (female)